Special Thanks

James Horcasitas would like to thank the following folks for their support, guidance and laughs down the rodeo road:

  • My lovely wife and my awesome son for traveling all these miles with me and      being the greatest support team a guy could ever ask for. I love you guys!
  • /M Rodeo Company - Scott McDaniel and family for giving me my big break and the      rodeo education I needed to get to this point
  • Bobby England Bucking Bulls for all the laughs and drinks
  • Luke and Gina Kraut & family for getting my name out to people and promoting me
  • Carter Williams-Busiest Man at the rodeo, and one hell of a pick up man
  • Dan and Rose Garley - for always being there and supporting my rodeo addiction
  • Quinn Green - Windmill Photography for the great photos
  • Rex Allen Rodeo Committee - Dennis Williams and the Board for believing in me
  • Benson Butterfield Rodeo Committee for giving the little guy a shot
  • Tim Webb and Company for all your help over the years
  • Dax Austin Bucking Bulls - for teaching this cowboy a thing or two
  • Bob and Terri Romer, PRCA Bull Fighter and timer, for their undying support and      enthusiasm when I needed help.
  • Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo Association Members and Board - for all of your help and      support at all the GCPRA Rodeos


And all the great sponsors, patient judges, hard-workin' pick-up men, busy committees, tireless promoters, exhausted late night hotel clerks, contestants, cheering spectators, my great family, my wonderful in-laws, old friends, good country brands, and everyone else that gave me a chance and helped me out over the years. Take care and God bless you all down the rodeo road.


James Horcasitas


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